Monday, April 3, 2017

UNIFICli - a CLI tool to manage Ubiquiti's Unifi Controller

As mentioned earlier, I made a nodejs library interface to the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller's REST API which is available here -

Now I am introducing a small, demo, CLI interface, which uses that same library to remotely connect and configure Ubiquiti Unifi Controller (or Ubiquiti UC-CK Cloud Key).

This software is available on GitHub here - and its main goal for me is to be able to test the node-unifiapi library. The calls and parameters are almost 1:1 with the library and this small code provides great example how such tools could be built.

This tool is able to connect to a controller either via direct HTTPS connection or via WebRTC trough Ubiquiti's Unifi Clould network (they name it SDN). And also you have a command you could use to connect to wireless access point via SSH over WebRTC.

The tool is not completed, neither have any goal. Feel free to fix bugs, extend it with features or provide suggestions. Any help with the development will be appreciated.

Commands can be executed via the cli too:
npm start connectSSH 00:01:02:03:04:05 -l unifikeylocation