Friday, June 13, 2014

New improved version of the node-netflowv9 module for Node.JS

As I have mentioned before, I have implemented a NetFlowV9 compatible library for decode of Cisco NetFlow version 9 packets for Node.JS.

Now I am upgrading it to version 0.1 which has few updates:
  • bug fixes (including avoidance of an issue that happens with ASR9k and IOS XR 4.3)
  • now you can start the collector (with a second parameter of true) in a mode where you want to receive only one call back per packet instead of one callback per flow (the default mode). That could be useful if you want to count the lost packets (otherwise the relation netflow packet - callback is lost)
  • decrease of the code size
  • now the module compiles the templates dynamically into a function (using new Function). I like this approach very much, as it creates really fast functions (in contrast to eval, Function is always JIT processed) and it allows me to spare loops, function calls and memory copy. I like to do things like that with every data structure that allows it. Anyway, as an effect of this, the new module is about 3 times faster with all the live tests I was able to perform

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