Friday, September 25, 2015

EmbeddedJS - async reimplementation

I like using Embedded JS together with RequireJS in very small projects. It is very small, lighting fast and extremely simple, powerful and extensive.

However, there are hundreds of implementations, most of them out of date, and particularly the implementation I like is not supported anymore. But that I mean not only that the author is not supporting it, but also it works unpredictably in some browsers because it rely on Sync XMLHttpRequest which is not allowed in the main thread anymore.

So I decided to rewrite that EJS implementation myself, in a way I could use it in async mode.

So allow me to introduce the new Async Embedded JS implementation, which is here at

It supports Node, AMD (requirejs) and globals (as the original) and detect them automatically.
A little documentation can be found here

The new code is written in ES5 and uses the new Function method from ES6. That makes it working only in modern browsers (IE10+). But it makes it really really fast. By current estimates about twice faster than the original.

It is still work in progress (no avoidance of cached URLs for example), but works perfectly fine for me.

If you use it and hit a bug, please report it at the Issues page at Github

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